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Dire Straits

Solid Rock (Live 1983 Alternate)

Album related: Making Movies

Year: 2010

Originally released on: Alchemy Blu-Ray (Europe, Universal Music 0602527336312)

Category: Live

Track Length: 5:06

Notes: Keyboard intro is shortened in this version. We can hear the sax that is not present in the mix of the original Alchemy release from 1984 (and its subsequent remasters) Since the moment the bass drum starts, the saxophone appears to drop some notes and from then on it is fully present. You can hear clearly the difference in the mixes at the verse beginning with “When you point your finger 'cause your plan fell through”. Sax is very noticeable and really rockin´. In the original version there is no sax there. (and in other parts of the song). Hi-Res audio here with the DTS-HD and Linear PCM tracks

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