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Dire Straits

Twisting By The Pool

Album related: Love Over Gold

Year: 1982

Originally released on: ExtendeDanceEPlay (UK, Vertigo DSTR 212)

Category: B-Side

Track Length: 3:30

Notes: Released on a “recorded in one day” EP at the end of 1982. This EP, also known as Twisting By The Pool in some territories, was released as CD Video both PAL (1989, UK, Vertigo 080 136-2) and NTSC for USA market (1988, UK, Warner Bros. Records 9 25810-2). This song appeared again in the 1988 compilation Money For Nothing CD (Europe, Vertigo 836 419-2). As the backcover says it´s a Remix but it´s quite difficult to differentiate it from the original version

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