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Mark Knopfler

Silvertown Blues (Radio Edit)

Album related: Sailing To Philadelphia

Year: 2000

Originally released on: Silvertown Blues CD Single (Europe, Mercury ‎5886562)

Category: Edit

Track Length: 3:36

Album Version Track Length: 5:30

Notes: CD Single issued in a cardsleeve format. It was the third and final single from Sailing To Philadelphia. It has Do America as B-Side. A couple of promotional CD Singles were released aswell (Europe, Mercury ‎– STBCJ1). Shortened guitar intro and the second verse “From the poisonous drains a vision appears” is fully omitted. Then verse beginning with “When you're standing on thin and dangerous ice” is omitted aswell. At the end, the few MK guitar licks are discarded to finish like the album version

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