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Dire Straits

Money For Nothing (Live 1988 with Eric Clapton and his band)

Album related: Brothers In Arms

Year: 2006

Originally released on: Eric Clapton - Crossroads - Live 1988 (Columbia Music Entertainment – COBY-91410)

Category: Live

Track Length: 6:29

Notes: Live at the Shoreline Ampitheatre, Mountain View, California, September 21st, 1988. During the late 80s, MK spent some time touring with EC and his band. This recording is from the North American Tour which included Mark as guitar player for EC's band on all shows. Clapton led him the spotlight to play his own Money For Nothing.

This version comes from the only official relase of this show, from Japan on DVD video.

To know more about MK with EC:

EC Crossroads 1988 4.jpg.jpg
EC Crossroads 1988 3.jpg.jpg
EC Crossroads 1988 2.jpg.jpg
EC Crossroads 1988 1.jpg
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