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Would you like to know about all the officially released tracks by Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler? 

Or maybe you prefer to look for the non-album tracks released by MK since he first started to record music?

Are you looking for all of the live recordings out there performed by Dire Straits or the unmistekable sound of Mark´s guitar on other artists albums?


Then . . . this is your site!


Here you can browse information about all the tracks that are not on the standard editions of the recordings that are easily found at your favourite music store. This site includes Promotional Edits, Live Takes and B-sides. To see more detailed information about each song just browse the timeline.

What´s not on this page?  Click here

​It´s not my goal to identify all releases and versions of a certain track/song, but to identify that track and show you how to find it. This can be easy or not, depending on the rarity of each release. CD releases of any song will be highlighted

The Blog is intended to be a dynamic source not only to let you know about more items and music related to Dire Straits and MK, but also about other releases from artists linked to Mark Knopfler´s work

Regarding the newly added sessions section it is a list of Mark Knopfler collaborations with other artists. It includes all records where MK plays on (guitar, vocals). Production role, writer of a song or any other form of appearance is not listed if he´s not playing on the album / single.
Is not intended to show all releases where that song appears. Just the original album or single released, ordered by year. Any relevant additional information related to this is added on the comments


If you see that something is missed or incorrectly listed, please let me know!

For more information about any song or release and the complete information about where it appears, check

Please, notice nothing here is for sale. This website is an information source so you can complete your collection and it is always complementary to the official resources

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