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Dire Straits

Woburn Abbey 1992 Revisited


Concert Location: Recorded live at Woburn Abbey, Bedforshire

Date: June 20, 1992

Total Length: CD1 61:06 CD2 59:09

Notes: Based on the Music With Love label bootleg, all the sound issues are fixed and the recording has been balanced a bit with more bass and some treble to highlight cymbals. Sultans Of Swing here is one of the best versions ever. The three broadcasts from this tour have the same list... was it on purpose Mark? This is the best sounding without any doubt

"Woburn Abbey was the biggest venue of the tour with 65.000 people in attendance... it was one of the best shows ever..." Dire Straits Information Service, 1992

Dire Straits Wobburn Abbey 1992_1.jpg
Dire Straits Wobburn Abbey 1992_2.jpg
Dire Straits Wobburn Abbey 1992_4.jpg
Dire Straits Wobburn Abbey 1992_3.jpg
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