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Here I will show my own, self made discs. From various artists, not only Knopfler and related. ​ It started when I thought about the Laserdiscs with lossless digital sound and exclusive content not available these days, which I would like to enjoy in digital sound on my CD player. These items are compiled from my collection for my own use

Please, notice nothing here is for sale or share. This website is an information source so you can complete your collection and it is always complementary to the official resources

Scroll down and click on the covers to see the details

Eric Clapton

Prince´s Trust Concert 1988

EC PT88 Cover.jpg


Summoner´s Travels

Sting Summoners Travels Laserdisc.jpg


Lovesexy Live

Prince Lovesexy Live Laserdisc.jpg

Dire Straits

Honky Tonk Demos

Dire Straits Honky Tonk Demos.jpg

Tears For Fears

Going To California

Tears For Fears Going To California.jpg

Mark Knopfler

Only On Vinyl

Vinyl Front.jpg

Lenny Kravitz

Alive On The Planet Earth

Lenny Kravitz Alive From Planet Earth La

Phil Collins

But Seriously... Super Deluxe

Phil Collins But Seriously Super Deluxe.

Tom Jones

One Night Only

Tom Jones One Night Only.jpg

Tina Turner

What´s Love Live

Tina Turner Whats Love Live.jpg

Pink Floyd


Pulse Laserdisc.jpg

Mark Knopfler

A Night In London

Mark Knopfler - London Laserdisc Cover.j

John Mayer

Deep Cuts

John Mayer - Deep Cuts Small.jpg

Nelson Mandela

70th Birthday Tribute

Nelson Mandela Tribute.jpg


Live (Paris 1990)

Toto Live Laserdisc.jpg

Dire Straits

Woburn Abbey Revisited

Dire Straits Woburn Abbey 1992.jpg

The Police

Missing In A Box

The Police Missing In A Box.jpg

Eric Clapton

Behind The Sun Complete

Eric Clapton Behind The Sun Complete 1.j
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