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Eric Clapton

Prince´s Trust Rock Concert 1988


Concert Location: Recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall, London

Date: June 5, 1988

Total Length: 41:18

Notes: Taken from the DiR radio show CD it´s sequenced as it happened, perfect sound. With Mark Knopfler and Elton John guesting, it delivers one of the best Layla performances ever, including the lovely piano outro duetting with Knopfler. Also Elton John plays his track with tasty guitar licks by MK. This CD includes the rare Cocaine version not present on the DVD editions and Behind The Mask, only included on the Japanese DVD. Some say it´s the best Layla ever...

The band for that night was EC band´s for that period with Nathan East (bass), Alan Clark (keyboards), Steve Ferrone (drums), Ray Cooper (percussion), Tessa Niles (backing vocals), Katie Kissoon (backing vocals)

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