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John Mayer

Deep Cuts

Concert Location: Various Locations plus studio tracks

Date: Various Dates

Total Length: CD1 77:23 CD2 75:31 CD3 76:58 CD4 78:26

Notes: This is the kind of compilations I like to do, since I can put on them all the stuff from different singles, collaborations , compilations... that you hardly play on CD. On this one you can find a bit of every side of John Mayer, including some rare B-sides, live cuts which are quite different from the originals and some collaborations that may surprise. To summarize this is the way I would like to see the rare official stuff from the artists I love...

John Mayer - Deep Cuts.jpg
John Mayer - Deep Cuts 2.jpg
John Mayer - Deep Cuts 4.jpg
John Mayer - Deep Cuts 3.jpg
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