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Mark Knopfler

A Night In London


Concert Location: Recorded live at the BBC Building Studios, London

Date: April, 15,1996

Total Length: CD1 77:50 CD2 62:27

Notes: The release of this home video is quite rare. First on VHS and Laserdisc it had his first DVD release on 2003. But, with the exception of a very rare Mexican version, all the releases missed Sultans Of Swing and Money For Nothing. A strange marketing move, don´t you think? Also, the DVD has a dolby digital stereo track. So to have CD quality of the one and only Knopfler solo live release we have to get the Japanese Laserdisc, which sounds amazing by the way

With the exception of I´m The Fool, all the songs played that night are here. As a bonus, four tracks from​ Vaison La Romaine, a well known concert recorded for a radio show. Water Of Love from that tour is haunting

Mark Knopfler London Laserdisc_1.jpg
Mark Knopfler London Laserdisc_2.jpg
Mark Knopfler London Laserdisc_3.jpg
Mark Knopfler London Laserdisc_4.jpg
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