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Mark Knopfler

Only On Vinyl

Location: Various Studios

Date: Various Dates

Total Length: 33:44

Notes: Compilation taken from other artists´ records that have Mark Knopfler on guitar as session player. The common point here is that those albums have only been published on vinyl. When this compilation was made in 2013, Mavis Staples "Oh What a Feeling" was still unreleased on CD. Since 2014, you have it available in Japan

(Warner Bros. Records  WPCR-27746)

It features one of his earliest collaborations, with Sandy Mc Lelland. The instrumental version of Windswept makes is exactly the same as the vocal version and the Megamessage Mix of Ferry Aid´s Let It Be has a compilation of thank you messages during the song´s outro. The Ben E. King extended version stops two minutes after the original version

Mark Knopfler Only On Vinyl_3.jpg
Mark Knopfler Only On Vinyl_2.jpg
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Mark Knopfler Only On Vinyl_1.jpg
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