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Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute

Concert Location: Wembley Stadium

Date: June 11th, 1988

Total Length: CD1 57:36 CD2 56:59

Notes: Legendary show that was never placed at the same level of Live Aid or Knebworth 1990. The line-up was filled with some of the biggest 80s stars including Sting, Peter Gabriel, Eurythmics or Simple Minds. But the real highlight of the night was the live return of Dire Straits after closing the Brothers in Arms Tour with some doubts about their future. To include even more brightness to their performance, there was Eric Clapton on rythm guitar. The sound on this release is perfect, digital sound from Laserdisc, which make us think about a full release of the show or... the Dire Straits performance at least. Brothers in Arms (maybe the best ever?) and a haunting performance of Wonderful Tonight closed the concert

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