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Pink Floyd


Concert Location: Recorded live at the Earls Court, London

Date: October 20, 1994

Total Length: CD1 72: 25 CD2 71:07

Notes: One of the main reasons of getting a Laserdisc player and start doing these discs was this Laserdisc. Containing a full performance from the Division Bell Tour like it was played since the Pulse album was compiled with tracks from different concerts. And this performance has One Of These Days. The show is sequenced as it happened as the Laserdisc timing restrictions did not allow to do that on the original format

For the Dire Straits fans there is a sad anecdote. Chris White was meant to be on the tour, but he had a motorbike accident before starting rehearsals

Pink Floyd Pulse Laserdisc_1.jpg
Pink Floyd Pulse Laserdisc_2.jpg
Pink Floyd Pulse Laserdisc.jpg
Pink Floyd Pulse Laserdisc_3.jpg
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