The Mark Knopfler Bonus Tracks (Updated)

Actualizado: 13 dic 2019

With Down The Road Wherever out in the market for more than a year I think it´s time to update this useful list.

Like it happened with his latests albums, it came out in a few different editions and formats and this implies a few tracks exclusive to some of them. In the past, we had the always nice CD singles to give space to the B-sides, so usually the tracks that did not pass the artist (or label) cut to make into the album where placed on those CDs. With different artwork, cardboard sleeve or slim jewel case they are highly collectible items, even without new music on them.

During Dire Straits days B-sides were not released as much as we would like to. Very few non album tracks were released on singles, EPs and CD singles. But when Knopfler went solo a lot of stuff appeared as B-sides on CD singles up to 2004, and from the Get Lucky album onwards, everything “extra” appeared on the Deluxe Editions Sets and box sets.

Would you like to look for these songs? Where did the appear? Below, you have a complete list of them and you can click on the song name to see where to find them:

Golden Heart:

Gravy Train, My Claim To Fame, Tall Order Baby

What Have I Got To Do

Sailing To Philadelphia:

Camerado, Let´s See You, The Long Highway, Do America

The Ragpicker´s Dream:

Small Potatoes


Summer Of Love

Get Lucky:

Early Bird, Good As Gold, Home Boy, Pulling Down The Ride

Time In The Sun


Follow The Ribbon, Occupation Blues, River Of Grog

Your Perfect Song


.38 Special, Heart Of Oak, Hot Dog, Oklahoma Ponies

My Heart Has Never Changed, Terminal Tribute To

Time Will End All Sorrow

Down The Road Wherever:

Don´t Suck Me, Sky And Water, Pale Imitation

Now you have to find out if you have them all or not!

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