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Lovesexy Live

Concert Location: Recorded live at Westfalenhalle, Dortmund

Date: September 9, 1988

Total Length: CD1 58:59 CD2 57:44

Notes: This show has been bootlegged thousand times. This is the real deal, direct digital transfer from the Laserdisc brings that stunning tour from Prince in perfect sound. One could argue about the cover photo, but it´s Prince. Since they are doing a massive reissue campaign one can expect a proper reissue of this show on DVD. On the Purple Rain Deluxe package they included a DVD from 1985 in Syracuse in PCM Stereo

Price Lovesexy Laserdisc_1.jpg
Price Lovesexy Laserdisc_2.jpg
Price Lovesexy Laserdisc_3.jpg
Price Lovesexy Laserdisc_4.jpg
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