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Summoner´s Travels

Concert Location: Various locations

Date: 1993 Ten Summoner´s Tales World Tour

Total Length: 72:44

Notes: Originally on Laserdisc and VHS. Never on DVD. Maybe the best Sting tour? Four piece band, with drummer Vinnie Colaiuta on it. Raw and fast paced versions, with some Police songs added to the set for the first time, like Synchronicity II, which rivals with the original live version if not improves it

To tour a solid album like Ten Summoner´s Tales also helped a lot. This band is just stunning and this CD proves that. This era deserves a proper live release of a full show... more to come about this tour

Sting Summoners Travels_1.jpg
Sting Summoners Travels_2.jpg
Sting Summoners Travels_3.jpg
Sting Summoners Travels_4.jpg
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