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Live (Paris 1990)


Concert Location: Recorded live at Le Zenith, Paris

Date: October, 1990

Total Length: 72:44

Notes: Another issue that firstly appeared on Laserdisc and VHS. We have the DVD, but with Dolby Digital audio track. On the last boxset from Toto, called All In, there´s a Blu Ray with this show. Supposed to be in Lossless audio (the box was ridiculously expensivo on release, so I don´t know... get in touch if you have it)

This was the last big tour for the late Jeff Porcaro. And they sounded great​ despite the relationship the band had with Jean Michel Byron. On this release, none of the songs that had his lead vocals are present. As a bonus, the full version of Hold The Line from that night is included since the video version is edited down

Toto Live Laserdisc_1.jpg
Toto Live Laserdisc_2.jpg
Toto Live Laserdisc_3.jpg
Toto Live Laserdisc_4.jpg
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