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Dire Straits 1977 - 1993

Actualizado: 13 dic 2019

This japanese CD is one of the most sought after in the Dire Straits / MK world.

Released in 1991, only a few copies were made. Everything around this item is very exclusive and I´m going to try to explain a bit here.

Of course, the artwork is the first thing it surprises. It´s the On Every Street cover but with a photo of Mark Knopfler from the Knebworth concert in the central part, with the red fade as the original OES artwork. The original font from the record is not reproduced here.

The title is 1977-1993. I suspect that when they manufactured these CDs in 1991, the Straits tour was scheduled to last until 1993. The first idea was to do, in addition of what they finally toured, a couple of legs in the USA during 1992 and go to South America at the end of 1992. Also, it was a possibility to be still touring during 1993 to visit another countries not visited on the first itinerary. As you may know, nothing of this happened. So, that title would possibly be referring to the "life" of Dire Straits, since 1977 with their first live appearance until 1993, when it should have been the last one.

In the booklet you can find a list with the singles and albums charts.

And finally the music. One could expect something rare in here (being Japanese) or not (it´s a promo CD). In case you are wondering what versions are included here, this is the list:

Calling Elvis (Radio Edit) Sultans Of Swing (LP Version) Twisting By The Pool (Remix) Tunnel Of Love (LP Version) Romeo And Juliet (LP Version) Walk Of Life (LP Version) Private Investigations (7" Single Edit) Money For Nothing (CD Single Edit) Brothers In Arms (Radio Edit) Heavy Fuel (LP Version) On Every Street (LP Version) The Bug (LP Version) Millionaire Blues (B-Side)

All the singles from On Every Street were included, except from You And Your Friend and the 1994 released Ticket To Heaven. Also a non-album track, Millionaire Blues from the Calling Elvis single, is here.

The Edit versions from the old tracks are widely available on the previous released compilations (and the old 7" vinyl singles), follow the links to know more information.

If you want to know more, drop me an email.

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