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What If... Sailing To Philadelphia Deluxe Edition

During these Christmas days.. can you imagine a better gift than a Deluxe Edition of any Mark Knopfler´s past released albums?

I like this kind of experiments... for a lot of fans, Sailing To Philadelphia is the best solo work from MK but as you may know, labels are not very active with our favorite musician in terms of reviewing the past... and you spend the Christmas days seeing other artists´ releases, with lots of bonus stuff on them... so...

What about doing our own STP Deluxe Edition? Here you have how to produce your homemade Deluxe Edition of the STP record.

On the first CD we can use the European Release (with One More Matinee) plus Do America, originally available on the USA version. A 14 track CD... That was easy...

On the second CD we find the rare stuff, click on the song to see its possible sources:

Radio Edits:


Live On Studio:

Live On Tour:

This second CD is just half minute below the 80 minutes.

Sultans Of Swing - Live in Badalona 2001

In 2004 a "Deluxe Edition" of Sailing To Philadelphia was released on a CD + DVD Audio (Warner Bros. Records 48119-2) with the tracklist released on the USA regular edition of the album

On the DVD you can find a DVD-Video playable part with lossy audio soundtrack and a nice documentary / press kit and a DVD-Audio playable part with the High Resolution audio tracks. Here you have the information about the audio quality:

DVD-Video layer:

Dolby Stereo 224 Kb/s

Dolby Surround: 448 Kb/s (6 channels)

DVD-Audio layer:

88.2KHz 24 bit Stereo

48 KHz 24 bit 6 channels

This CD + DVD version of Sailing To Philadelphia maybe this is not the desired Deluxe Edition with extra content but today is a valuable item for any Knopfler collection and the sound of the High Resolution tracks is amazing.

If you want to have an even more complete edition, maybe you can include two tracks included in the Timeless (tribute to Hank Williams) album, released in 2011. Both tracks were recorded during the STP sessions with Emmylou Harris (Alone And Forsaken and Lost On The River). But then we should go to a third CD... or we could include them in the All The Roadrunning Expanded edition :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

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